Analisa Kerusakan Jalan Pada Ruas Jalan Kairatu-Uraur Kabupaten Seram Bagian Barat Dengan Menggunakan Metode Pavemet Condition Index (PCI)

W Sapulette, N Paulus, Jacson Samuel Simaela


Damage to the road pavement can affect the speed of the vehicle, it can even result in an accident if it is not treated intensively immediately. As in the research location, along Jalan Kairatu to Jalan Uraur which has a fairly high density of traffic volume because it is the main connecting route between villages. Thus the type of damage that occurs ranges from small to large so that it interferes with the comfort of the road users, therefore it is necessary to handle it so that road users can feel comfortable driving. This study aims to determine the type and level of damage that occurs, and find the value of pavement conditions by using the PCI method to determine the solution for handling the road damage. The data being analyzed is data obtained from visual observations, and from data from measurements of the width and extent of existing road damage. The data will then be analyzed so that it can determine the value of road conditions according to the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) method from solving problems that occur on these roads. On the Kairatu – Uraur Road section, there are 3 types of damage : Crocodile Cracks, Holes and Release of Granules and Weathering. The results of the analysis based on the Pavement Condition Index Method get a damage value of 68.58 and have a moderate (Fair) road condition value, with 2,700 M' requiring treatment in the form of patches, and 300 M' must be reconstructed


Road Damage; Handling; PCI Method

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